Wine Degassing Pump

You love making wine, but the waiting is the hardest part. Wine degasses natural as it ages, however that takes time. The Gassy Grape degassing pump makes reducing the carbon dioxide (CO2) levels in your wine faster easy. As a result of reducing CO2 levels faster, you get to bottling faster.

CO2 is not all bad. After all, it is a natural byproduct of fermentation, which gives your wine its zip. Studies have shown that:

  • Higher dissolved CO2 levels reduce the bitter taste in white wine

  • Sweetness increases with increased dissolved CO2 in Chardonnay and Viognier wines

  • Dissolved CO2 does not significantly influence perceived viscosity or astringency.

That’s not to say that you should not remove the CO2. Too much can:

  • Cause your wine to have a fizzy feel on your tongue, like champagne, but not as heavy. As a result, it will taste carbonated.

  • Prematurely pop the cork before it is time

So, you want to degas your wine, but just not overdo it. It is ideal if you can do it without splashing the wine. You want to get the majority of the CO2 gas out of the wine. That said, trying to get every last bit by pulling a perfect vacuum is simply overkill.

Wine Degassing Pump

The Gassy Grape Wine Degassing Pump will help you degas your wine without splashing or overkill. The included pump will pull a vacuum of about 10 in Hg or about one third of a perfect vacuum. Therefore, if you have a lot of excess the CO2 it will slowly begin to rise to the surface when you flip the switch. You can leave the pump running until the bubbling stops and let your wine naturally degas and clarify the rest of the way to bottling.

Our wine degassing pump is small and quiet. As a result, your neighbors will love you. Even more when you share your delicious wine.